Nose restorative surgery

Nose restorative surgery


The goal of nasal surgeries in our country is to become more beautiful in many people. But when the mistakes made in the surgery occur after a long period of time, they encounter with aesthetic problems or respiratory problems. For The repair of this problem requires repair of nose surgery. This surgery, as a secondary surgery, is more susceptible.

How is nose repair surgery done?

After surgery, the nose is inflamed, and the surgical outcome can not be accurately observed. But after about six months or one year, all the surgeries that have been done on the nose will be seen. Now there are imperfections Checked out problems such as lack of nasal holes, no nasal congestion, or nasal constriction that is as small as desired and appropriate. Otherwise, there were disturbances in the nasal mucosa or nasal skeletal system. It is difficult for the patient to breathe. These problems can all be solved in the nasal repair surgery.


When it comes to nasal resection, you should know:

You should first consult your physician to have a clear interval between your two surgeries, because if there is still an initial surgical wound in the nose, a surgical repair will be difficult and can be difficult.
Nasal surgeries may not be possible in cases of severe damage to the main building of the nose and should be referred to an experienced specialist.
Expect a reasonable restoration of nose surgery because it can only improve your nose.
Surgical repair can be done either open or closed.

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